Notting Hill Carnival: Police make more than 100 arrests in the build-up to the event

Notting Hill Carnival: Police make more than 100 arrests in the build-up to the event

There will be a large police presence at the Notting Hill Carnival

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Police have made more than 100 arrests ahead of the Notting Hill Carnival as they seek to ensure the event is trouble-free.

Hundreds of police raids are taking place this week ahead of the  Carnival - and so far guns, machetes and drugs have been seized.

Teams from Scotland Yard are executing more than 200 search warrants across the capital in a crackdown on drugs and violence ahead of the event, which is the biggest of its kind in Europe.

Superintendent Robyn Williams said that, so far, there had been 111 arrests, 100 drug seizures and £30,000 in proceeds of crime confiscated. Guns, machetes and knives had also been recovered.

She said: "With Carnival being the largest event in London, it can present opportunities for those who are attending for reasons other than enjoying the festivities.

"It is only right that we take steps to deter and reduce crime at every opportunity, both prior to and during what has become the centrepiece in the capital's event diary."

As well as the raids, police are visiting suspected gang members, carrying out weapons searches, and checking cars.

Thousands of officers will be on duty for the carnival itself, the force's largest annual policing event.

Ms Williams said the policing plan is in line with the current terrorist threat level, which is at severe.

"The assessment of the threat is at severe and has been for two years, so our policing plan is commensurate to that level of threat," she said.

Earlier this month, Scotland Yard announced plans for routine armed patrols in the capital following the terrorist atrocities in Belgium and France.

Ms Williams said "a range of tactics" will be used at the event, including specialist officers such as the force's anti-gang squad.