Now that Ariana Grande is a Mancunian, here's some local vocabulary she should learn

Ariana Grande Manchester's first honorary citizen
Sort your head out
Our kid
No dramas

But what words will she need to know to understand fellow Mancunians?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Singer Ariana Grande has become Manchester's first honorary citizen, due to her response to the terror attack in the city - but she's got a few things to learn before she becomes a true Manc.

Grande, of course, has been honoured for her moving response to the terror attack on her concert in May, notably her brave decision to headline and organise the One Love Manchester concert, which raised £3 million.

In the process she warmed the hearts of millions of people, in Manchester and elsewhere, while tapping into the pride and courage which are hallmarks of the city which has embraced.

So, Ariana love, we salute you - you're a legend. But we reckon you've still got a bit to do before you can stand alongside Jack Duckworth, Shaun Ryder or Michelle Keegan as a true child of Manchester.

So we've put together some words and phrases that the pop star may need to learn, see them in the gallery above.