Nurse struck off for having sex with patient in operating theatre

Nurse thrown out of profession after having sex with patient in operating theatre

The nurse had sex in an operating theatre (Stock image)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

A theatre matron who had sex with a patient in a hospital has been thrown out of the profession.

The nurse, who is married, gave the woman his number whilst she was on a hospital trolley.​ The single mum was in hospital as she had had an x-ray and shoulder injection.

Neil Bamsey sent the woman 37 text messages before meeting her for a coffee at the Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield, just a day after they swapped numbers.

CCTV captured footage of the pair having sex in an operating theatre in September 2013, according to Court News UK.

However allegations against the man then surfaced after the woman mentioned the incident to a community mental health worker.

It was also said that he pressured the woman into lying about the situation when she was questioned.

Bamsey denied having sex with the patient and encouraging her to change her story.

The man did admit to giving the woman his phone number, but tried to claim that he only replied to tell the patient to stop contacting him. He also suggested that he had called the woman by accident.

Despite deleting texts he had sent to the woman, it was still possible to recover them.

A Health Care and Professions Council panel found that all allegations against Bamsey were proven.

The panel took the decision that Bamsey's fitness to practice was impaired, and he has been struck off.