Nursery worker who abused toddlers to be released from prison

Friday, July 12, 2019

A nursery worker who took photos of herself abusing toddlers is set to be released from prison.

Vanessa George was sentenced to a minimum of seven years in jail for abusing children at Little Ted's Nursery in Plymouth, where she worked.

The 49-year-old admitted taking up to eight pictures a day whilst on duty, sharing the images with two other paedophiles.

She has now been recommended for release from prison by the Parole Board, after serving 10 years in jail.

Board members said they were satisfied she no longer posed a significant risk to the public.

But criminal barrister and former Tory MP Jerry Hayes told talkRADIO he did not believe in "the reform of a paedophile".

"If you don’t show remorse you don’t get out, so it’s a very good incentive to be remorseful," he said.

"I don’t think a paedophile can be reformed at all. I’m not saying you should throw away the key for life, but on the other hand, I don’t think they can be reformed."

During her 2009 sentencing at Bristol Crown Court, Mr Justice John Royce told George that she had "plumbed new depths of depravity" by abusing those in her care.

"Parents have to live with the memory of you coming out with a smile on your face to hand back their child, when you may well have been doing unspeakable things to that child," he said.

Staff at Little Ted's said they felt "betrayed" by George's actions and one said that "a lifetime of childcare had been ruined by Vanessa's actions".

Child protection officers visited 180 children thought to have had contact with George - who was dubbed Britain's worst paedophile by the media.

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