NYPD officer Delina Giraldo suspended after urging toddler niece to use N-word

Giraldo's lawyer says the footage predates her joining the NYPD (stock photo)

Giraldo's lawyer says the footage predates her joining the NYPD (stock photo)

Thursday, July 6, 2017

An officer with the New York Police Department has been suspended after pushing her 2-year-old niece to use the n-word.

Delina Giraldo was heard repeatedly telling her niece to use the racist epithet in a video which surfaced on Instagram, and has been obtained by the New York Daily News.

In the footage, which dates from 2014, Giraldo was heard telling the child to "say it again, say it again" after she said the word. It is not clear what, or who, prompted the infant to say the word in the first place.

She subsequently appeared in another video, saying "it's not that serious... we're fucking minorities and we all get treated the same."

The officer has been suspended without pay and also told to attend a drug test as punishment for the offence.

Giraldo said on Wednesday (July 5) that she was in fact the victim of an abusive ex-boyfriend who used the video as a form of blackmail. Her lawyer also said the videos predate her joining the NYPD, and has filed a notice of claim on her behalf. 

The notice says that Giraldo intends to sue the NYPD for a total of $100 million (£77.4 million).

Lawyer Eric Sanders, who himself is black, told the NY Daily News "she's not denying she's a part of those videos.

"The bottom line is, 'who cares?'"

Giraldo was already on modified duty, monitoring security cameras, due to a legal battle with ex-boyfriend and fellow officer Michael Martinez, who claims Giraldo has fabricated a number of domestic violence claims against him.

In October, the couple filed cross complaints for assault at a court in Orange County. While the case against Giraldo was dismissed, the one against Martinez is ongoing.