Oldest known message in a bottle discovered in Australia

Oldest known message in a bottle discovered in Australia

The bottle is almost 132 years old (Credit: Kym Illman)

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The oldest known message in a bottle has been discovered on a beach in Australia.

The Dutch Gin bottle was dropped into the Indian Ocean almost 132 years ago and has now been picked up north of Wedge Island, Western Australia.

Kym and Tonya Illman discovered the 19th century relic when their son's car got stuck in sand and the bottle washed up next to the woman's feet.

She claims the note inside the bottle was a little wet but had been rolled up tightly and tied with string, according to Nine News.

The woman decided to dry the paper by placing it in the oven and, when it dried out, she could see some German writing on it.

Her husband then conducted his own research and believes it was thrown from a ship named Paula which was German and working to find the best shipping routes.

The WA Maritime Museum has confirmed the authenticity of the message in the bottle and is going to continue research. 

Evidence already shows the captain of Paula did record a bottle being thrown into the sea which had coordinates on it.​

The bottle is now to be showcased at the museum for two years.

The previous oldest bottled note was recorded as being 108 years old but this one appears to trump it, given it has the date June 12, 1886.