Olympian Sharron Davies branded ‘transphobic’ for gender tweet

Sharron Davies has been outspoken on gender before

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies has been slammed online after a Twitter post in which she said “binary sex matters”.

“If you put two biological females on an island humanity dies out (but they’d talk loads) if you put a biological male and a trans woman on an island humanity dies out,” she wrote.

“But if you put a male and a female there we might stand a chance! Providing they can fish of course. Binary Sex matters”.

The tweet garnered an immediate backlash, with Ms Davies being dubbed “transphobic”, “homophobic” and “a bigot”.

Columnist Owen Jones called her a “transphobe”.

“So transphobes really are now openly going for the homophobic classics, in this case serving up an anti-trans version of the old ‘gays can’t reproduce so they’re unnatural’ chestnut,” he wrote.

But Ms Davies has defended her beliefs, and said those online were “overthinking the island analogy”.

“It’s just a way of saying - humans to reproduce need the binary sexes. Sex and gender are different, sex is non-changeable. Nothing to do with being gay,” she wrote.

“This relates to sport and male biology in female races being unfair.”

The 1980 silver medallist has been critical of transgender athletes competing in female competitions before.

In March she said “there needs to be a fair and level playing field”.

“I believe there is a fundamental difference between the binary sex you are born with and the gender you may identify as,” she said.

“To protect women's sport, those with a male sex advantage should not be able to compete in women's sport.”

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