Olympic athlete Greg Rutherford on Strictly Come Dancing and Ed Balls


Greg Rutherford

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Star athlete Greg Rutherford has spoken about his time on Strictly Come Dancing and shared his view of Ed Ball's progress. 

The Olympian has been competing with Natalie Lowe in his time on the show, and has gone from strength to strength in his time there. 

He revealed his next dance to Johnny Seifert, and also said that Ed Balls is not a joke act.

"We're dancing the Paso Doble this week," he said. "It's meant to be good for people like myself, because if you're tall and strong, you just stand there and look quite arrogant. 

"The problem is that Natalie Lowe, my partner, likes to fill our dances with a lot of content, so there are a lot of steps still to learn."

Turning to the former Labour shadow minister, Rutherford said: "The thing with Ed, he's no joke. He works hard and he dances. He's getting it, he's a good dancer. From that point of view, he'll stay as long as possible.

"There's something about the show that everybody loves, everyone wants to watch it."