Olympic victory parade 2016: 'There should be a discussion about which city should host the parade', says Baroness Tessa Jowell

Calls for the Olympic victory parade to be held outside of London

Sadiq Khan has announced he would like to hold an Olympic Victory Parade

Friday, August 19, 2016

Britain's Olympics Minister Baroness Jowell says the country needs a proper discussion about which city should host an Olympic parade if the government decides to have one.

Baroness Jowell was speaking to talkRADIO after London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced he would like to hold an Olympic victory parade. A Downing Street spokesperson has announced the government will look into organising a celebration.

Homecoming parades for Olympians and Paralympians have been taking place in London since the Athens Olympics in 2004, however some are calling for the parade to take place in another location.

Jowell told Penny Smith that "we should respect the fact that our winning athletes have come from right across the UK, and therefore there should be a discussion about which city should host the parade.

"I think they certainly deserve a homecoming parade. That's what people around the country want, they want to be able to cheer on and celebrate and be proud.

"What is important is that we wait on finalising the plan for [the homecoming parade] until the Paralympics, because I think it's important that it's a parade for Olympians and Paralympians."

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone backed plans for a parade, saying: "I think we can find a few million just to have a really great parade, it's very good for our national self-esteem as well. It should inspire a lot of other young kids to think 'perhaps I can do that.'"

Team GB is currently ranked in second place on the medals table with 22 gold medals and 56 medals in total. 

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