One in 10 millennials have never done DIY

One in 10 millennials have never done DIY

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

One in 10 millennials have admitted to never having done any DIY, a study has found.  

Researchers, who polled 2,000 adults aged 23-38, also found 45 per cent often seek help from their dad.

However, six in 10 millennials accused their dads of not passing down their DIY knowledge.

Rob Green of wood care specialist Ronseal, which carried out the study, said: ''For homeowners who want to tackle jobs quickly and easily DIY skills are as important as ever – but our research shows that these skills are dying out, particularly among new homeowners.''

Of those polled, three in 10 admitted they never even attempt to change a lightbulb while only one quarter had put up wallpaper.

Despite this, half of millennials think it is still important to be knowledgeable about DIY.

A further two in 10 admitted they have pretended to be skilled at DIY in order to impress people, avoid embarrassment or save money.

However, the study, conducted via OnePoll, found 41 per cent believes it was only worth learning DIY skills once they have moved out of their parent’s home and a further 36 per cent said becoming a homeowner encourages them to learn the required skills.

The study, conducted via OnePoll, found less than half have put up curtains or blinds and only three in 10 have painted a shed.

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