One million Europeans can live in UK post-Brexit

Applicants will be allowed to stay deal or no deal

Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Home Office has revealed more than one million Europeans have already been given permission to live and work in the UK once it leaves the European Union.

Applications for a new settlement scheme were launched four-and-half months ago, with 50,000 people applying in the first weekend alone.

Applicants are asked to prove their identity, demonstrate they live in the UK and declare any criminal convictions.

Once approved, residents can use the NHS, study and access public funds and benefits.

The Home Office said the highest number of applications came from people originally from Poland, Romania, Italy and Portugal.

Figures to the end of July showed there were more than 950,000 applications from England, 50,000 from Scotland, 15,000 from Wales and 12,000 from Northern Ireland.

Department minister Brandon Lewis said: “EU citizens have made incredible contributions to our country - which is why I'm so pleased that over one million people have been granted status, enshrining their rights in law."

Europeans wishing to live in the UK have until December 2020 to apply, regardless of whether Britain leaves with a deal.

Meanwhile, the Office of National Statistics has published figures that show the tourism industry has the highest percentage of foreign nationals compared to any other sector.

Around 3.2 million people work in the UK tourism industry, and 501,000 of those are not British nationals.

The data also showed 6 per cent of those in healthcare were EU nationals.

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