"One of the most exciting things I've done on TV" - Richard Osman on Child Genius

'One of the most exciting things I've done on TV' - Richard Osman on Child Genius

Child Genius presenter Richard Osman

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

TV presenter Richard Osman has admitted he would have "actively discouraged" his own children from appearing on TV hit Child Genius, but added that the popular show was "one of the most exciting things I've done on television". 

The Channel 4 children's quiz finished its fourth series on Tuesday, and sparked controversy after winner Rhea, from West London, won through to the final following an on-screen intervention from her mum, who contested an earlier answer in the 10-year-old's specialist round of Florence Nightingale. 

Osman told Julia Hartley-Brewer how presenting the show compared to his regular day's work on adult quiz Pointless

"Kids are no more terrified than adults," he said. "People seem to think we have to deal with them in cotton wool.

"The final was one of the most exciting things I've done on TV.

"I said to all the kids when they got knocked out, 'this world is not for winners'. 

"It's much more important you're an interesting fun human being, I never won anything in life.

"I would have done everything in my power to discourage my own kids from going [on the show]. 

"But I know my kids well enough that if they'd really put their minds to it, then I would not have been able to over-rule them. 

"You have to be led by your children."

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