Online marketplace faces backlash over offering young customers zombie knives

Online marketplace faces backlash over offering young customers zombie knives

A zombie knife being sold on the marketplace. Image: Matthew Newby/SWNS

Monday, February 4, 2019

A popular online marketplace has come under fire for offering customers, including children, razor-sharp zombie knives.

American mobile app is a Depop-like app where individuals set up their own stores showcasing items that can be bought by anyone with an account.

Scores of knives, many at discount prices, are up for sale at any one time - including a “Zombie Killer Machete” for just £19.

The 17.5-inch knife comes in “acid green” and comes splattered with imitation blood over the side.

The knife comes in a black sheath with a green skull printed on the side - and reviewers can't seem to get enough of it online.

Its vendor commented on the knife, writing online that it was "comfortable to use, perfectly sized and a strong razer sharp blade".



Another example of a knife, this time a Bolo-Machete Messer, on the app. Image: Matthew Newby/SWNS.

Patrick Green, CEO of anti-knife charity The Ben Kinsella Trust, blasted the knives as “reprehensible” and called for their removal.

He said: "These deadly weapons are clearly marketed to look like toys or fashions accessories.

"They are neither; these knives are responsible for bringing misery to more and more families every year. 

"What is worse is that the branding on the knives are clearly designed to appeal to young people, many of whom will not understand the dangers that these knives pose to themselves and others.

"’s actions in allowing these knives to be advertised and purchased from their website is reprehensible and they should be removed immediately."

Other zombie knives currently up for sale on the US-based app's British marketplace include a 20-inch “Bolo-Machete Messer", which also features painted-on blood stains.

Other items on the site include samurai swords, knuckle-dusters, daggers, tasers and imitation firearms such as pistols.

The app allows parents to sign their terms and conditions for children older than 13, and while it bans the sale of unwarranted pornography, does not appear to prevent users listing blades.

The the number of knives seized at by border officials has doubled in the past year, figures revealed.

Officers seized 7,668 bladed items at the UK’s borders in the year to September, compared with 3,800 in 2017. were contacted for comment.