The only thing Theresa May's Brexit speech told us was that she'll stick to two-year timeframe, says political editor

'The only thing Theresa May's speech told us was the she'll stick to a two year time frame', says political editor

Theresa May made a speech on Brexit today

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Theresa May's Brexit speech told us nothing new, apart from the fact that she's sticking to her two-year timeframe for negotiating Brexit.

That's the view of Ian Dunt, editor of, who spoke to talkRADIO after Mrs May made her hugely anticipated speech on Brexit earlier today.

The Prime Minister said she doesn't want the UK to stay within the single market, adding that MPs and peers will have a final vote on the deal she negotiates with the EU.

The speech made instant international headlines, but Dunt told Sam Delaney: “The only thing we’ve learnt [from the speech] is about time and it looks like she’s not going to back down [on the two-year limit].

“Although the press will probably be quite positive towards this, there’s some pretty troubling signs."

However, Conservative MP for Monmouth David Davies, who also appeared on Sam's show, was positive about Mrs May's address.

He said: “If the rest of the EU are daft enough not to want to work with us, we’ll walk away, we’ll keep trading with the rest of the world."

Davies attributes much of the negative publicity surrounding Brexit to the Remain campaign "saying we can’t do it because other countries might want to do the same."

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