Operation London Bridge is dangerous pro-monarchy propaganda, says republican campaigner

'Operation London Bridge more about securing monarchy's future than expressing genuine feeling', says Republic CEO Graham Smith

'Operation London Bridge' is the plan to deal with the Queen's death

Friday, March 17, 2017

A leading anti-Royal campaigner has dismissed the well-publicised plans for the Queen's death as an "oppressive" piece of propaganda aimed at perpetuating the monarchy and "closing down any voice of discussion or dissent."

Graham Smith, chief executive of Republic, even told Julia Hartley-Brewer that the plans, outlined in the Guardian this week, "almost become threatening."

He suggested that the pro-monarchy propaganda whipped up by the plans will mean that "anyone who doesn't wear the right tie or appear to be falling in line with the idea of national grief will be hounded and attacked and made to feel they're somehow not 'one of us'.

"Certainly it’s not unexpected to have a state funeral, but part of it is tipping over into the realms of expecting people to conform to this.

"It’s a lot more about securing the monarchy’s future than anyone’s genuine feelings about the Queen because it closes down discussion on the future of the monarchy.

"In that sense, it’s really disturbing and it’s not far from how the less democratic countries deal with the passing of their monarchs."