Opponents launch campaign to impeach 'Hitler of the Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte

Opponents launch campaign to impeach Philippines President Duterte

A campaign has been launched to impeach President Duterte

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Opponents of Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte have launched a campaign to impeach him over alleged alleged abuse of power and corruption.

Duterte, who has likened himself to Adolf Hitler and launched a high-profile crackdown on drugs, has previously denied the claims against him.

The allegations include overseeing anti-drugs death squads, as well as hiding assets.

MP Gary Alejano is leading the fight, but has admitted that he is facing an “uphill battle," according to the Financial Times

He said he wanted Filipinos to "have a voice to oppose and fight against the abuses and crimes of President Duterte."

The MP has accused the President of enriching himself whilst he was the mayor of Davao, however Duterte has denied the accusations.

A former Davao police officer also claimed the President used to lead an anti-drugs death squad during his time as mayor. But the office of the President said the claim is simply “character assassination."

Despite this Duterte is currently proposing the reintroduction of capital punishment for drug-related crimes.

A spokesman for the President, Ernesto Abella, claimed those opposed to Duterte are “scraping the bottom of the barrel," and branded the fight as an effort to topple the administration.

Despite the campaign, many have predicted that Duterte will not be impeached, because opinion polls show the president enjoys a high approval rating and strong support in Parliament.