‘Opportunistic and violent’ street robber convicted of murder

Friday, January 10, 2020

A man has been found guilty of murder after a street robbery escalated and left a 22-year-old man dead.

Shackim Purnell-Taylor, 19, stabbed Leo Marcus six times with a kitchen knife after stealing his rucksack and bike.

He was convicted by unanimous verdict at the Old Bailey today for the incident that occurred on July 10 2019 in south east London.

The court heard that Purnell-Taylor had intended to rob a drug courier who he was told would be in the area.

When Mr Marcus arrived at the location the defendant – armed with a knife – followed him and immediately attacked him.

Purnell-Taylor stabbed his victim six times

He grabbed the victim from behind, stole his rucksack and bike and fled the scene but as he tried to cycle off, Mr Marcus emerged and knocked him off the bike.

In the struggle that followed Purnell-Taylor stabbed Mr Marcus six times and ran off.

Mr Marcus was assisted by members of the public until the emergency services arrived but died in hospital that evening.

Detective Sergeant Rob Tickle from the Metropolitan Police welcomed the guilty verdict.

“Leo Marcus died at his (Purnell-Taylor’s) hands, the victim of an opportunistic and violent street robber, who I have no doubt set out that day carrying a kitchen knife with every intention of using it and did just that, with devastating consequences.

“Leo's death was a horrific tragedy for him and for his family, a waste of a promising, young life.”

Purnell-Taylor will be sentenced on January 15 at the Old Bailey.

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