Original Stig on Top Gear shuffle: 'It's insane not to replace Evans'

Perry McCarthy has labelled the British Broadcasting Corporation's decision to not replace Chris Evans's role on Top Gear as "insane".

McCarthy was The Stig for the first two series of Top Gear

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Perry McCarthy, the original Stig, has labelled the BBC's decision to not replace Chris Evans on Top Gear as "insane". 

Evans left the show on Monday, saying he'd given it "his best shot". The BBC confirmed Matt Le Blanc would head up the programme, with no co-host.

McCarthy, a former Formula 1 driver, thought this was an error.

"Will that leave Matt trying to banter on his own?", he asked Julia Hartley-Brewer. "Will they pick another presenter to banter with him every so often? That's not forming the relationship everyone has based their love of the show on. 

"That will send it one way, it will make it just a car show, with lots of vignettes, with single supporters and single presenters, and it's not what the public have bought into, in the UK and globally.

"It's insane. Matt needs someone with the charm, wit, charisma and sophistication to carry this off, someone to bounce off and carry the show with."