Our Future Our Choice: 'Make first-ever vote compulsory'

Saturday, April 27, 2019

The co-founder of anti-Brexit campaign group Our Future Our Choice has called for people's first vote in an election to be made compulsory.

Appearing on the weekend breakfast show, Will Dry said it could be "the way forward" in upping the number of young people casting a vote.

"Voting is something you have to learn to do and there is a lot of evidence that it's habituary. Once you vote, you get into the habit of doing it," he told talkRADIO's Penny Smith.

"Why don't we make it compulsory voting for your first time vote? You have to vote once you become 18 or at the next election, then return to the normal system."

He continued: "There's a lot of evidence that people who vote in their first election, after that they will regularly vote. I think that might be the way forward."

The pro-remain campaigner appeared on the show to discuss the Electoral Commission claiming that the Prime Minister was undermining voters' faith in politics by allowing them to vote in the upcoming EU elections she had hoped to avoid.

"I think it's a deepy unhealthy and quite disgraceful position for our democracy to be in when the public are being asked to begin to pay attention to the news and think about how they might want representing them, and we don't even know if these elections are going to happen," Mr Dry added.

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