Our Future, Our Choice: 'Undemocratic' to deny UK a second Brexit referendum

Our Future, Our Choice: 'Undemocratic' to deny UK a second Brexit referendum

Thursday, August 16, 2018

As Brexit negotiations continue today in Brussels, the co-founder of second referendum campaigners Our Future, Our Choice says it would be undemocratic to deny the British public a say on the final Brexit deal.

Talks resumed on August 16 in Brussels, and the hope is that a deal will be reached in the autumn.

Public polls have suggested increasing support for a referendum on the final Brexit deal, and Justine Greening MP told talkRADIO last month that when a deal was reached with the EU, she wanted to see a vote on whether to leave with the deal, opt for no-deal or remain in the EU.

“The fact is, we didn’t know what deal we were signing onto,” said Femi Oluwole of Our Future, Our Choice.

Julia Hartley-Brewer argued that “We don’t get a final say on trade negotiations when we do trade deals with America or Japan!”

“Other countries do,” Oluwole argued.


'Undemocratic' to deny UK a say on final deal

“We argue the most democratic thing is for people to have a say. One of the major arguments behind Brexit in the first place is, we never signed up for this. We signed up to a simple trade agreement in 1974 and it became something different.

“Right now, we have an opportunity to have a say in what our new relationship with the EU is going to be, and I think it’s undemocratic to say we shouldn’t have one.”

He added that it was a “privileged position” to say a no-deal result would be acceptable.

“No deal means the 1.4 million British people that are living on the other side of the channel have no right to live in their own homes. The right to live there is based on their EU citizenship,” he said.

In July, the Association of British Insurers warned the government that it would be “plausible” that British expats wouldn’t be able to receive their pension if a deal wasn’t reached.

There is no definitive information yet on what the rights of expats in Europe will be after Brexit, and much will depend on the deal reached.

EU sources rubbished the idea that Theresa May would be able to discuss Brexit with the other 27 EU leaders at their summit in September.