'Our polls say 80% of British Jews believe Labour harbours anti-Semites', says campaigner

'Our polls say 80% of British Jews believe Labour harbours anti-Semites', says campaigner

Gideon Falter spoke to Richard Madeley about the findings of a poll

Monday, August 21, 2017

An overwhelming majority of British Jews believe the Labour Party harbours anti-semites.

That's the view of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, which cited a poll from 2016-2017 in an interview with Richard Madeley on talkRADIO.

The figures cited by the campaign also showed that roughly 31% of British Jews had considered moving overseas. 

Gideon Falter, the campaign's chairman, told Richard Madeley that most Jews feel anti-semitism is actually declining among ordinary British people.

He said: "The British population, society in general, is doing something most thought was unachievable, something people thought they’d never see - a rollback of anti-semitism across a European country."

However "this fantastic news is not having an impact on the Jewish community because our authorities - the political parties, Labour, in particular, are creating an atmosphere where anti-semites are feeling emboldened."

Falter said many people on the far-left of the party would say this was Jewish people being oversensitive to discourse about Israel, but that current events disproved this. 

He said: "We’re talking about Jeremy Corbyn supporters, on some occasions, coming out in support of Hitler. We’ve heard people talking about Jews and their big noses. Israel quite often doesn’t enter into it.

"What we’re seeing here is very similar to that in the Criminal Justice system. It’s a failure to tackle the problem, that’s 80% of British Jews according to our polling, believe Labour is harbouring anti-Semites.

"They see things like the failure to expel various anti-Semites brought before disciplinary bodies, or failure to bring people before them at all, and say Labour’s got a huge problem here."

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