'Over half a million' anti-Brexit protesters march through London

More than half a million protesters anti-Brexit march through London

People's March on Saturday 20 October in London. Image: Holly Pyne

Saturday, October 20, 2018

People’s March organisers claim more than 560,000 anti-Brexit campaigners joined a march through London calling for a second EU referendum.

The People’s Vote March, also called the March for the Future set off from Park Lane at midday and finished at a rally in Parliament Square with speeches from Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Celebrity Chef Delia Smith.

The People’s Vote campaign said its stewards estimated the crowd to be around 570,000 protesters.

It was originally predicted that the march would be attended by 100,000 protesters calling for a vote on the final Brexit deal.


It 'is going to affect our country for decades'

Founder of For Our Future's Sake Jason Arthur explains why the group is marching

The march was led by a group of young voters calling for a second referendum, along with the youth-led campaign group Our Future, Our Choice.

Ahead of the march, co-founder of Our Future, Our Choice Femi Oluwole told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham that even Leave voters were not “getting what they voted for”.

He said: "The idea that the people who argue for Brexit saying it would be better for the NHS and now they're happy for a Brexit that will significantly damage the NHS, that is a fundamental betrayal of Brexit voters.”

For Our Future’s Sake, anti-Brexit group led by young people was also marching on Saturday.

Founder Jason Arthur told talkRADIO that the group was dedicated to “make young people’s voices heard on Brexit”.

He said: “It is a huge decision that is going to affect our country for decades. 

“It is going to be young people who are going to have to suffer the consequences of it if it goes badly and I strongly believe it will do.

“So we are here marching today at the front of the People’s March because we want to make sure that young people voices are heard.”


'This is a historic moment'

Protesters chanting as they march down Park Lane in London on Saturday

At the rally in Parliament Square, videos of Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg were booed by protesters before Mayor of London Sadiq Khan took to the stage.

Mr Khan told the crowd that the People’s March was a “historic moment” and that it was “inspiring” to see so many young people protesting.

He said: “This is a historic moment as people come from all corners of our country and all walks of life.

“People have come together to have their voices heard.”

He added: “It is inspiring to see so many young people leading the way.

“It is their future on the line. Their voices were not heard in the EU referendum but they were heard today echoing all the way down the road to Downing Street.”

Protesters could be heard chanting "Listen up Theresa May, the people want a final say" and "Put it on a red bus, Brexit sucks".