Over half of parents worry children lack essential life skills

Over half of parents worry children lack essential life skills

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Six in 10 parents worry their teenage children lack essential life skills, a survey has found.

The research, which asked 1,000 parents of children aged 13 and over, found many are concerned their teenager does not know how to budget or look after themselves on a night out.

One fifth of the adults said their teenager would not be able to deal with a broken heart, while 16 per cent know they cannot stand up for themselves in the real world.

Reading a map and ironing were other skills parents were concerned about.

Claire Round of National Citizen Service, which carried out the study, said: “There are a multitude of ways in which youngsters today can learn essential life skills for their future.

“And while it is so important for parents to have a hand in teaching qualities such as politeness, trustworthiness and confidence, they can’t be held responsible for shaping their child’s entire personality and characteristics.''

The study also found one in six parents do not think their teenager can manage their own time effectively, understand interest rates or have the first clue about building a good credit score.

It also emerged 63 per cent of parents think schools have a responsibility to teach things like how to save money, how to speak publicly, and how to be a good friend.

According to the OnePoll survey, 73 per cent of mums and dads agree their child needs to go through challenging experiences as a teenager to build character.


Top 20 life skills parents fear their teenagers do not have:

1. How to deal with stress

2. How to budget

3. How to deal with a broken heart

4. How to save money

5. How to pay bills

6. How to drive a car

7. Understand what a mortgage is

8. How to look after yourself on a night out

9. How to change a car tyre

10. Be independent

11. How to build self-esteem

12. How to understand interest rates

13. How to stand up for yourself

14. Time management

15. Confidence

16. Cook a roast dinner

17. How to build a good credit score

18. How to say no

19. How to iron a shirt

20. Perform CPR


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