Owen Jones leads condemnation of Chris Grayling after Tory minister says Labour and Momentum 'bringing nastiness to our politics'

Chris Grayling criticised Momentum on the BBC

Chris Grayling criticised Momentum on the BBC

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Left-wing commentator Owen Jones has led the backlash against Chris Grayling after the Tory minister said Momentum and Labour were "bringing a nastiness into our politics."

The Transport Secretary made the comments while speaking to the BBC about the abuse suffered by MPs.

Grayling told Emily Maitlis that the abuse is "part of a broader picture. A significant part of the blame lies with parts of the Labour movement, the Momentum campaigns that we saw during the [election].

"We've seen some really brutal behaviour. threats to Conservative candidates, threats to family members of Conservative candidates. It is bringing a nastiness into our politics that we do not accept.

"The large part of it has come from the left I'm afraid, a tone in our politics, a hostility, and unpleasant, and frankly sometimes downright threatening behaviour." 

Grayling continued by suggesting that both Labour and Conservative politicians have suffered abuse, adding that "we all need to work together to stamp this out."

In response, Jones - one of Jeremy Corbyn's most prominent supporters in the media - tweeted: "Hatred is systematically incited every single day by a venomous right-wing press against minorities, Labour politicians - and even Tory MPs. And Chris Grayling has the nerve to blame the labour movement for nastiness in politics."

This sentiment has been backed by several other left-wing supporters, many of whom have said the blame for the abuse culture lies at the door of the Daily Mail, while pointing out that Labour MP Diane Abbott, who is backed by Momentum, has recevied more reported abuse than any other lawmaker.

One respondent suggested that the interview was "unashamed state propaganda at its best" while one wrote a rather tongue-in-cheek response likening Grayling to conspiracy theorist David Icke.

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