Owen Paterson MP: Other politicians furious over cancelled recess - but I was 'delighted'

Owen Paterson

Friday, February 1, 2019

Owen Paterson has said it is "pathetic" to think about how Parliament's cancelled February recess has inconvenienced politicians, who should be "cracking on" with passing Brexit legislation.

The Conservative MP said he was "delighted" to hear that the 10-day break had been called off, despite some MPs complaining that they would have to cancel their holidays.

"We should be in there at nine every morning, and going home at midnight," Mr Paterson told Julia Hartley-Brewer.



"This is a great moment of our national history and we should use every minute of our parliamentary time, and make extra time if necessary, to get this legislation through so we do leave on March 29."

Parliament's expenses watchdog was reportedly inundated with questions from politicians about whether they could claim refunds for their holidays, as well as compensation for childcare costs.

"It is pathetic to think about MPs convenience on this. MPs are there to pass legislation," Mr Paterson added.

"If there are 600 statutory instruments to be got through, MPs should come in early in the morning."