Owen Paterson: MPs 'idiotic' for voting to delay Brexit

Owen Paterson

Friday, March 15, 2019

Owen Paterson has said it was "idiotic" for MPs to vote in favour of delaying Brexit day.

The Conservative MP made the comments on the breakfast show in the wake of last night's Commons vote, which saw a 210-vote majority support a government motion to extend Article 50.

And on Wednesday, MPs also voted to rule out a no-deal Brexit under any circumstance.



"It is incredibly stupid in any negotiation to take away your power to walk away, and so voting for no-deal I thought was idiotic, and voting for an extension was idiotic," Mr Paterson told talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer.

"I was certainly elected on a Conservative manifesto of leaving, by leaving the single market, customs union and remit of the European Court of Justice."

The former environment secretary also turned his attention to Brexit secretary Steve Barclay, who made a blatant U-turn in the Commons last night.

"There have been extraordinary parliamentary shenanigans this week. The vote last night where you have the Brexit secretary speaking in favour of voting for an extension, and then voting against it."