Owen Paterson's tube anecdote nominated for online award

Owen Paterson

Owen Paterson is in the running for the satirical award

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

An anecdote told by Owen Paterson about being approached on the London Underground has been nominated for the satirical 'Didn't Happen of the Year Awards' (DHOTYA).

Labour MP Louise Haigh shared a clip of the Conservative MP speaking to Channel 4 News on Twitter, in which he says he is regularly approached on the tube by people asking him to "just get on with" Brexit.

Ms Haigh shared the clip with the DHOTYA official Twitter account, captioning the post: "No one is talking to anyone on the tube".

It is the first time an MP has nominated another MP for the awards, which champion stories people online perceive as unlikely. 

"Louise is clearly in control of her [Twitter] account and has identified a way to communicate her disagreement with another MP in a very modern way," Harry Barnes from DHOTYA told talkRADIO.

"2019 will be the biggest year for British politics probably in our lifetimes, so I wouldn’t be surprised if more MPs, even anonymously, were to nominate other MPs by the time the 2019 awards come around."

Mr Barnes added that Mr Paterson was in the running to make it in to the official 32-strong shortlist for the 2019 awards, unless another anecdote knocks him off the list.


Green Party winner

A series of Twitter polls will take place to decide the winner, with individuals sorted into groups and eliminated over time. A winner is expected to be announced in December.

In 2017, deputy Green Party leader Amelia Womack was crowned the winner of the awards after tweeting: "My 11 year old nephew just said that he doesn't like James Bond because he saw a James Bond book with a naked woman on and he didn't think that women's bodies should be used to sell things #proudauntiemoment".

Despite winning the accolade, the politician insists her story was true.