Owen Smith MP: 'Corbyn is right that we need radical policies'

Jeremy Corbyn

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Owen Smith MP has told Julia Hartley-Brewer that Britain "can't just continue with the status quo", claiming that "radical policies" are needed.

The Labour MP for Pontypridd said: "Corbyn is right that we need radical policies in order to try and turn things around.

"Whilst the tone in what I might say, I think, would probably be a bit different to Jeremy, and some of the words might be a bit different, I agree with Jeremy and I agree with Labour colleagues throughout the party that we do need a shake up in Britain.



"We can't just continue with the status quo because that isn't working for so many people in this country."

In his keynote speech today, Corbyn is expected to attack "greed-is-good" capitalism, and promise a "green jobs revolution", which could create around 400,000 new positions.

Mr Smith added: "We do need to try and control some of the corporate power, we do need to try and exercise greater power on behalf of people in order that we've got the right and necessary amounts of money to invest in public services."

Hartley-Brewer asked: "Is there a song that for you epitomises the Labour party today?"

"'Suspicious minds' come to mind," Mr Smith said.