Owen Smith: ‘My fear is that Brexit will pass’

Owen Smith MP to Julia: ‘My fear is that you will win and Brexit will pass’

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Labour MP Owen Smith has said that he thinks Brexiteers like talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer will “win and Brexit will pass”.

Mr Smith is calling for a second referendum on Brexit, after Theresa May's deal was defeated on Tuesday. 

However, he said he still believed that "Brexit will pass" and hoped that the Prime Minister brought back another deal to the Commons. 



The MP for Pontypridd told Julia: “My fear is that you will win and Brexit will pass, and we will see a further reduction in the size of our economy and further austerity impacting on people in my constituency.”

He added that it was “ludicrous” that people’s views get dismissed as “Project Fear” for suggesting what might happen after Brexit.

“The most ludicrous thing is that nobody can now offer any reasonable view of what might happen in the future without it being dismissed as 'Project Fear'," he said.

“In my view it is 'Project Reality'.”


'Hokey cokey'

Mr Smith described Labour policy on Brexit as “doing the hokey cokey”.

“The vast majority of the membership and parliamentary party do believe the most democratic thing to do is put the vote back to the people now that we know what Brexit truly looks like,” he said.

“I am hoping that it is clarified today but I would not hold my breath.”



He added: “I believe people are now better informed and I think the Labour party should be going into another election – whenever that will be held – saying very clearly that they would offer a second referendum on Brexit.

“We would campaign and advocate that people would Remain. I think that would be the proper way to do it.”