Owen Smith NHS privatisation claims backed by prominent doctor

Greater London GP slams the Conservative Party's 'stealth' privatisation of the National Health Service

A London GP has backed Owen Smith's claims over stealth NHS privatisation

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Doctor and author Youssef El-Gingihy has blasted the government by claiming they've implemented privatisation "by stealth" of the National Health Service.

This follows Labour leadership challenger Owen Smith's accusation that the government has "a secret plan to privatise the NHS". He also stated that the Department of Health's spending on the private sector has risen to £8.7bn while the Conservatives have been in power. 

Although the department has refuted these claims, Mr. El-Gingihy, author of 'How to Dismantle the NHS in 10 Easy Steps', told Julia Hartley-Brewer that the Tories have always been opposed to the public healthcare system.  

"The Conservatives from day one have been unabashed with their opposition to the NHS," he said. "They've had to tolerate it over the decades because of its popularity with the British public.

"There has been a gradual process into converting the NHS into a market system. We've seen a privatisation act come in - effectively abolishing the NHS in legal terms - and post-general election, we're seeing moves towards a US integrated health care service.

"We're very much at the endgame now, we're on the verge of an insurance system.

"They've [the Conservative party] been undertaking this process by stealth without permission or consent of the public because they know it would be political and electoral suicide."