Oxford Imam backs UKIP burqa ban: 'You can be close to God without a tribal rag on your face'

Burka ban: 'You should be close to god regardless of whether you wear a tribal rag on your face', says Imam

UKIP has announced it would put a burka ban in place if elected

Monday, April 24, 2017

Proposals to ban the burqa have been backed by an Oxford-based Imam, who said such garments promote segregation and lies about Islam.

Doctor Taj Hargey made the comments after UKIP announced that a ban on face veils worn by some Muslim women would be included in its general election manifesto.

Hargey, the director at the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford, believes the face coverings are not a part of Islam, and are in fact a concoction by males who wish to control women.

He added that this political fad is the gateway theology for extremism and fundamentalism, and suggested the veil is the gateway to far wider problems with Sharia law.

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