Package containing explosives found at German government offices

The discovery was confirmed by police

Police have confirmed the discovery of explosives

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A package containing explosives has been discovered at the offices of the German Finance Ministry.

Further details are currently unclear, although Reuters cites local police as the source of the report.

German newspaper Bild reports that the package was addressed to Germany's Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schauble, but security services at the ministry's post office intercepted the parcel and flagged it.

It is also reported that wires were protruding from the parcel when it was sent through an X-ray machine.

Germany has been on high alert following a string of terror attacks and bomb threats over recent months. Just two days ago (March 13) the train station in Gelsenkirchen was closed following a bomb threat.

The country is also still reeling from an incident just before Christmas, when an attacker drove a truck into a packed market in Berlin, killing 12.