Paedophile pensioner was banned from owning dogs - so he couldn't use them as bait

Paedophile pensioner was banned from owning dogs, yet reported missing dog to police

George Calf had six Chihuahuas (Stock image)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A pensioner was banned from owning dogs so he could not use them as a lure for children, yet reported his missing Chihuahua to police.

George Calf has now been arrested for keeping six dogs in his flat in Homerton, east London, according to Court News UK.

In 2009, Calf was convicted of four counts of sexual assault on a girl under 14, but his offences dated back to the 1980s.

He was then banned from having unsupervised contact with underage girls. But police later found he was still chatting to women and young girls who wanted to stroke his dogs.

Due to this, in March this year he was banned from owning dogs.

After Calf reported his dog as missing in April, police visited his flat and found six Chihuahuas inside.

He claimed he was showing the dogs to a group of women on April 21, when someone took one of the dogs and claimed they were going to show the animal to his wife.

The man has admitted to two counts of breaching an interim sexual harm prevention order which bans him from owning dogs.

His defence said: "When the order was made he was in possession of dogs. He subsequently found a friend to take care of them while this case is being considered.

"He received a call from her saying that she had no food so he took the dogs with him. He had found someone else to take the dogs from 23 April when one of the dogs was taken."

It was also suggested by his defence that not having pet dogs is having an impact on his mental health. 

He is set to be sentenced later today (May 16). The dog has now been found.