Paedophile rehab idea is heartless and disgusting, says Karen Danczuk

'Claiming paedophiles should be rehabilitated rather than imprisoned is heartless', says Karen Danczuk

Simon Bailey says those who view indecent images online should be rehabilitated

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Claiming paedophiles should be rehabilitated rather than imprisoned is heartless and disgusting, according to child abuse survivor Karen Danczuk.

Chief constable Simon Bailey, from the National Police Chiefs Council, has claimed paedophiles who view indecent images but don't go any further should be rehabilitated rather than put in jail.

Danczuk, who was regularly molested by her brother as a child, told Paul Ross: "I think it's disgusting what he said, to be honest with you.

"This chap is just completely underestimating the effects of what’s actually going on here.

“If a person’s looking at this kind of stuff on the internet, it will take one day of sheer temptation [for them to attack].

“The most heartless thing about this is he’s kind of making a wash of it, it’s not really a big deal, well yes it is a big deal because some poor innocent kinds are the ones who are subject [to attacks]."

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