Palestinian hunger strike prisoners 'could soon open negotiations with Israeli prisoners'

Negotiations with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike could be imminent

Palestinian prisoners are on hunger strike (Stock image)

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Palestinian prison affairs minister has claimed inmates on hunger strikes could soon hold negotiations with Israeli prison officials over conditions.

It is hoped that the negotiations will end the strike, which began on April 17, according to The Times of Israel.

Today (May 12) Issa Qaraqe said negotiations could be imminent. However he did not provide any further information.

Israel's prison service have not commented on the matter, however officials previously rejected the idea of negotiations.

According to Israeli authorities, 894 prisoners are still taking part in the strike but Palestinian officials claim more than 1,000 people are actually taking part.

Those on strike are requesting more family visits, better healthcare and more dignified conditions in prison. Israel, however, has argued the prisons meet international standards.

The strike is being led by convicted terrorist Marwan Barghouti. Earlier this week Israel released a video, claiming it showed the man in his cell breaking the strike by eating.

His wife has claimed the footage isn't real and was only released to break prisoners' morale. She has also called on the Pope to intervene in the situation.