Palestinian 'shot dead after stabbing Israeli security guard in West Bank'

Palestinian 'shot dead after stabbing Israeli security guard in West Bank'

The Israeli military has clashed with Palestinians

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Palestinian has been killed after stabbing a security official at a West Bank Jewish settlement today (February 7), according to the Israeli military.

It gave a statement which said the guard at the Karmei Tzur settlement was wounded but it was a different guard who retaliated against the Palestinian.

It comes after another Palestinian was allegedly killed by Israeli forces on Tuesday (February 6) as a raid took place in Nablus, also in the West Bank.

The Israeli military claimed the raid took place as part of a search for someone who killed an Israeli man on Monday (February 5) at another Jewish settlement.

Health officials from Palestine suggest it was Tuesday's killing that created confrontations between the military and local residents in the area.

The Israeli military said "approximately 500 Palestinians hurled rocks, fire bombs and explosive devices and fired live rounds at [Israel Defence Forces] soldiers and in addition the rioters built rock barriers."

However it said it was reviewing the report that a Palestinian died during the incident, according to Reuters.

The health ministry for Palestine claimed 29 Palestinians were wounded in the clash. 

Earlier in the day a Palestinian gunman was also killed by Israeli forces in another West Bank village as the military claimed he was part of a cell which killed a Jewish settler last month.

West Bank tensions have increased following Donald Trump's pledge to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.