'Paperchase apology after Daily Mail advert was drippingly gross'

'Paperchase apology after Daily Mail advert was drippingly gross and like a five-year-old'

The Daily Mail said it was worried by Paperchase's apology

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Paperchase's apology for advertising in The Daily Mail is "drippingly gross" as the company has acted like it is "five" and has "been put on the naughty step."

That's according to Ella Whelan, author and assistant editor of Spiked Online, who spoke to talkRADIO after Stationary firm Paperchase apologised to customers for an advert it place in The Daily Mail.

Many criticised the company for working with the newspaper, including campaign group Stop Funding Hate.

However the Daily Mail has claimed the company allowed itself to "be bullied into apologising" and added this is "deeply worrying."

Whelan told Julia Hartley-Brewer “Paperchase’s apology is so drippingly gross” and asked “what are you, five and have you been put on the naughty step?”

She believes “most Daily Mail readers are so sick of this right now that they can’t even find the energy to roll their eyes at it.

“It is completely ridiculous and completely insulting, you know, the idea that Paperchase should be sort of penalised for putting sort of wrapping paper in one of the most read, top, very successful papers in the country is utterly ridiculous.”

The journalist thinks “Stop Funding Hate is about press censorship. It is about deciding from on high what the public can read, what the public should be exposed to.

 “What [they are] saying is ‘we’re scared that people are bad and we’re scared of people being exposed to extreme political point of views or not even extreme [views].

“This really isn’t a campaign for the benefit of people about stopping hatred and making the world nicer.

“It’s actually a really elitist attack on the press and if you’re a journalist you should be coming out in arms against it, if you’re a reader you should be insulted by it."

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