Parents in Afghanistan name baby after Donald Trump

Parents in Afghanistan name baby after Donald Trump

The father of the baby admires Donald Trump

Friday, March 16, 2018

A baby in Afghanistan has been named after a US President, but perhaps not one you'd expect.

Jamila and Sayed Assadullah named their baby Donald Trump in September 2016, as the father admires the current US President.

The baby was born in a village in the Shahristan district and actually had blonde hair, which pushed the parents to name the baby Donald, according to The Straits Times.

The father said: "I understood that he is a hardworking man. I thought if I name my son Donald Trump, then it will affect my son's personality, his behavior."

He has read books by Trump himself and has often watched him on TV by powering the screen by using solar panels in the village.

The family hoped their third child would be successful due to his name, however it appears to have added to their problems instead.

As the name is not Muslim, the parents had disappointed their extended family and ended up moving away from the village to Kabul in order to escape hostility.

The story of the baby has only recently come to light as the child's national ID was shared on social media without the parent's permission.

In Kabul, the parents had visited a government office which verifies identity documents from other provinces, however the family were not treated well.

Officials reportedly threatened to send the father to be questioned at the Afghan intelligence agency because of the name of his son, which they allegedly said was "culture-less."