Parents make false accusations of abuse against nursery in China

Parents make false accusations of abuse against nursery in China

One member of staff from the nursery has been detained

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The parents of two children who attend a nursery in Beijing have admitted to spreading false accusations of molesting and drugging at the facility, according to police.

An investigation at an RYB Education New World Kindergarten was started last week after the parents made several allegations, The South China Morning Post reported.

Claims included children being suffering sexual abuse, having needle marks on their skin and being given tablets by members of staff.

These were proved to be false by the police after officers looked over 113 hours of CCTV. Although, this was not complete footage as the hard drive it was linked to was damaged.

Police said a man had given his own child medication and instructed them to make certain claims on camera. This video was then uploaded online and picked up by the media.

Another parent also admitted to police officers that her accusations about her daughter's clothes being taken off at the nursery was a lie.

However police did say that one staff member at the nursery had been pricking children with a sewing needle as a punishment for not falling asleep on time.

The staff member has been detained and the nursery released an apology which also stated it would be taking legal responsibility for children that had come to harm by this.

It is not clear whether any action will be taken against the parents who made false accusations. 

However social media users have questioned why parents would make such accusations in the first place and wondered what the reason really was for some CCTV being unavailable to police.