Parents try to cure HIV+ baby with snake venom, leaving the child brain damaged

Parents try to cure HIV positive baby with snake venom, leaving the child brain damaged

The couple tried to use snake venom as a HIV cure

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A mother and father who are HIV positive tried to cure their child who also has HIV with snake venom.

The couple have been charged with aggravated negligence, after failing to tell doctors they were HIV positive during the pregnancy, according to The Daily Star.

No precautions had been taken by doctors during the cesarean birth, leaving the child HIV positive either through this or breastfeeding.

A few weeks after the birth the pair admitted to doctors that they believed a faith healer who told them their baby could not be infected.

However, as the baby's condition deteriorated, they took the baby from the hospital back to the faith healer who told them the baby could be cured with snake venom and lemon juice.

This was not the case, as it left the child brain damaged and needing permanent care.

The parents were charged in a court in Dusseldorf, however only the father arrived. He was given two years of probation.​