Paris Louvre knife attacker was 22-year-old Egyptian: local reports

Solider shoots armed attacker at Louvre museum in Paris

The incident happened at the Louvre museum in Paris

Friday, February 3, 2017

Unconfirmed reports in the French media suggest the man who attacked the Louvre museum this afternoon was a 22-year-old French national.

The claims have emerged as a French minister confirmed the Louvre will reopen tomorrow (Saturday).

The assailant reportedly shouted "allahu akbar", meaning "God is great" in Arabic, as he lunged with a knife at a soldier guarding the museum, giving him a slight scalp injury.

After the intended victim fought him off in hand-to-hand combat, more soldiers came to help, at which point five shots were fired at the attacker, leaving him seriously wounded.

It has been reported that the attacker was attempting to enter the underground shop at the museum, one of Paris's most popular tourist destinations. He was carrying a rucksack, although subsequent investigation confirmed there were no explosives inside.

French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has said the incident was clearly terror-related, and the incident described as "serious" by the interior ministry. It has been confirmed the special terrorism prosecutor will take the case.

Interior Minister Bruno La Roux has praised "the coolness and the professionalism of the soldiers and the police who made it possible to neutralize immediately the armed individual."