'Parliament is entitled to see full Brexit analysis after leak to media', says MP Nicky Morgan

'Parliament is entitled to see full Brexit analysis after leak to media', says MP Nicky Morgan

Nicky Morgan says Parliament has a right to see the analysis

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tory MP Nicky Morgan has agreed with Labour's stance on the recently leaked Brexit analysis, and suggested leaving the EU is going to damage the economy.

Morgan, who was sacked as education secretary when Theresa May took over as Prime Minister in the aftermath of the EU referendum, said that when important analysis is leaked to the media Parliament should be "absolutely" entitled to see the full document.

Labour is calling for the analysis, which suggests that the UK's economic growth will slow as a result of Brexit, to be fully released and discussed in  Parliament, but Brexit minister Steve Baker claims it is only at a "preliminary" stage and publishing it could damage negotiations.

Morgan, chair of Parliament's Treasury Committee, told James Whale and Ash that while a Corbyn government would be bad for Britain, Labour are right to demand the full disclosure of the analysis in Parliament.

She told James Whale and Ash that if "something like this [is leaked] to the media, then Parliament absolutely has an entitlement to see it.

"More detail from the Government, about what is the end state they want, [is] going to help us negotiate [Brexit]."

The Conservative MP also said " I don’t think anybody can be entirely surprised that Brexit means our economy is going to take a hit.

"There's less tax revenue for public services, people's job and economic security is put on the line, people's livelihoods, my constituents' livelihoods are less certain than they were beforehand."

The former education secretary added "Whitehall is spending so long thinking about Brexit that all the things we’d like to be talking about and working on just don’t get the necessary airtime.

"If [Theresa May is] not going to do the big involved thinking, then she needs to have the confidence to let other ministers do all of that."

James suggested this analysis should have been released before the EU referendum and Morgan agreed, saying that the more information available to people, the better. 

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