Parrot uses owner's Amazon Alexa to order items online


Rocco with owner Marion Wishnewski.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

A parrot has become best friends with his owner’s Amazon Alexa by using the device to order some of his favourite snacks.

The African Grey, famed for imitating human speech, has been building shopping lists through the Alexa.

The Parrot, named Rocco, has been ordering such treats as strawberries, watermelon, raisins and ice cream.

On top of that, he’s also managed to order himself a brand new kite, some light bulbs and even a kettle.

His owner, Marion Wishnewski, of the National Animal Welfare Trust, told The Sun: “Often I come home from being out all day and find romantic music playing.

“And he loves a boogie with Alexa. But it has to be something fast, like his favourite Kings of Leon.

“Rocco and Alexa chat away to each other all day. Then I have to check the shopping list and cancel all the items he’s ordered.”