Parsons Green: 'Bomb looks similar to devices used in London 7/7 attacks', says bomb disposal expert

Parsons Green: 'Bomb looks similar to devices used in 7/7 and 21/7 attacks', says bomb disposal expert

An explosion took place on a District Line train

Friday, September 15, 2017

The bomb at Parsons Green appears to be similar to those used in the terror attacks in London 12 years ago, according to a bomb disposal expert who played a key role in the emergency response to those atrocities.

Major Chris Hunter, who sat in meetings of the Cobra emergency response committee following the terror attacks on July 7 and July 21, 2005, spoke to talkRADIO after this morning's explosion on a District Line train at Parsons Green. 

The incident is being treated as terrorism. Photos from the scene appear to show a white tub with wires, inside a shopping bag.

Hunter, a former counter-terrorist bomb disposal specialist in Iraq, told Jon Holmes: "When I saw the train today it was exactly the same sort of picture that I saw when I was in Cobra on 21/7."

The bomb "was crude in terms of its component parts" but "it shows a level of sophistication" and "is very dangerous to manufacture."

He explained: "The upside for us is that after not very long at all it desensitises.

"If I was going to put my money on it I would say it was a failed high-explosive device where the initiator didn’t go [off] and [those who were there are] all very, very lucky."

He also explained the reason there might have been a timer in the device is because "they might put a back-up timer in there - they might put a back-up radio control initiation if the person [meant to detonate the device] bottles it."

Hunter said one positive from this morning's events is "we’ve got a gold mine of forensics biometrics and intelligence there."

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