Parsons Green: George Galloway says 'we need counter-terror experts with brown faces, not Old Etonians'

Galloway said Parsons Green must be the precursor to major change

Galloway said we need a major shake-up after the Parsons Green attack

Monday, September 18, 2017

George Galloway has said we need radical change after the Parsons Green terror attack - and this must start with a shake-up of the intelligence community to promote more black and Asian experts.

Galloway was talking after the Parsons Green terror attack which left 22 people injured on Friday (September 15). It was the third major attack to hit the British capital in six months, following the earlier atrocities in Westminster and London Bridge.

Galloway said "London is burning, Londoners are burning" and those in charge of our safety "are not up to the job."

London Mayor Sadiq Khan made a speech after the Parsons Green attack, saying London and its people will not be defeated by terrorists. But Galloway, who stood against Khan for the mayoralty, was left unimpressed.

"People are dead, maimed, terrorised, psychologically damaged, maybe forever," Galloway said. "A robotic, speak-your-weight machine is not good enough."

Turning to the lessons London can learn, Galloway said "we need more police. We need more armed police. We need more intelligence men and women, and we need smarter intelligence men and women.

"We need intelligence men and women who've got brown faces, not white Eton collars."

Galloway also savaged those who chose to place Prince George in Thomas's Battersea - and broadcast the decision to the world.

These people, Galloway said, "want their head examined" as "every nutter in London, in the world" now knows where George is based every day, and this places the child and his fellow pupils in danger.

"It's dangerous. It would be better, safer and cheaper to move Prince George's class to move to a brand-new primary class that they can set up in Buckingham Palace.

"You can't play fast and loose with the safety of children."

There was also time to touch on Grenfell Tower, an ongoing controversy which returned to the forefront of the news agenda last week with the opening of the official inquiry.

Galloway said "you could easily persuade me that those responsible for the mass killing of maybe 100 people should be put in front of a firing squad, not still drawing whatever emoluments they're currently drawing."

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