Passenger without valid ticket 'beat train ticket inspector to a pulp'

Passenger without valid ticket beat train ticket inspector 'to a pulp'

An attack took place on a train in Germany (Stock image)

Monday, May 15, 2017

A passenger beat a ticket inspector "to a pulp" after failing to show him a valid ticket for his train journey, police said.

The ticket inspector was asking the man to show a ticket in Magdeburg, Germany when the attack took place, according to The Local.

Police, say the man who has not yet been identified, punched the train attendant several times in the face until he fell to the floor and then kicked his head.

Although other passengers tried to help, they were unable to stop the attacker from leaving.

The 55-year-old inspector was taken to hospital due the injuries he sustained.

On Sunday (May 14) police said the attack is being investigated by federal police, with officers considering whether to press charges over fare dodging and grievous bodily harm.

CCTV footage of the incident is also to be reviewed, in an attempt to identify the suspect.