Patient steals ambulance for joyride in Italy

Patient steals ambulance for joyride in Italy

A man stole the ambulance which was sent for him (Stock image)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

An ambulance was called for a man suffering from psychiatric problems in Italy, however when it arrived he decided to hope in the driver's seat and go for a joyride.

A police statement said the patient was agitated and claimed he wanted to travel to Rome to report a drug-trafficking ring, so his family called the emergency services in the hope of placating him.

When an ambulance arrived at an apartment block in Tuscany, the 34-year-old man rushed to the vehicle and drove it away, The Local reported.

The incident took place at around 4am on Monday (April 3) and the man was able to drive the ambulance for 150 kilometres, ending up near Siena before police could stop him.

Police created a road block after tracking the movements of the vehicle with GPS in order to stop him.

The patient has been charged with theft and is now being taken care of by the local health authority.

He also previously stole a bus many years ago, driving it into a church wall, according to Il Tirreno newspaper.