Paul Nuttall said UKIP 'more important than ever' as party launches manifesto

Paul Nuttall defends UKIP's importance ahead of unveiling election manifesto

The manifesto will be announced shortly before a national minute's silence for the victims of the Manchester bombing

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Paul Nuttall insists UKIP is “more important” than ever before ahead of the official unveiling of the party manifesto in Westminster on Thursday.

The party – which has faced predictions about a disastrous election result - is the first to resume campaigning after the Manchester terror attack earlier this week.

Nuttall defended this by saying the best way to fight terror was to carry on as normal.

The UKIP leader insisted his party remained the “guard dogs of Brexit”, and would ensure continued pressure in the EU negotiations if Theresa May faltered at any point.

He called the party “the insurance policy” for the country, and also denied claims made by activists he should resign because he was only “adding to the chaos.”

Nuttall defended his tenure, saying he’d been elected with the biggest mandate in his party’s history.

UKIP’s election manifesto is due to be unveiled shortly before a national minute’s silence for the victims of the Manchester attack, and the document is expected to maintain party commitments on immigration and foreign aid.