Paul Scully MP: Taxi laws are 'totally out of date'

London Taxi

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A Conservative MP is calling for stricter laws on taxis, including installing CCTV in cabs.

Paul Scully appeared on the Matthew Wright show - hosted by Jamie East - to discuss proposals for enhanced criminal record checks for taxi and private hire drivers applying for licenses.

The politician, who sits on the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Taxis, said taxi law was "totally out of date", and added that there were legal loopholes which drivers could exploit.



"In London there are pretty stringent checks that are done, but what you find is this thing called cross-border hire. For example in Rotherham. they've been pushing for CCTV for some time because of the sexual abuse cases that have been going on there," Mr Scully explained.

"Some people have been able to get away with not putting CCTV in by getting their license from somebody else and then going into Rotherham to pick up customers."


'Stupid anomaly in the law'

A rickshaw driver in London. Image: Getty

He added: "Things like CCTV help the taxi driver as well because it protects them from malicious accusations and all those kind of things and it should help both parties."

Mr Scully revealed he was also pushing for laws on pedicabs such as rickshaws, which due to a "stupid anomaly" have so far evaded regulation.

"They are the only form of public transport in London that has no regulation whatsoever. It's a really stupid anomaly in the law," he said. "Some of them are selling cocaine, some are blocking fire exits."