'Paxman didn't even start on fox hunting' - Theresa May mocked for leadership debate performance

'Paxman didn't even start on the foxhunting ban' - Theresa May mocked over her leadership debate performance on Twitter

#TheresaMayGIFs has been trending on the social network

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Theresa May is being mercilessly mocked on Twitter for her performance in the leadership debate on Monday. 

The Prime Minister and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn took part in the debate, where they faced questions from the public. 

Corbyn mounted a strong defence on immigration, and views of his performance have been divided - with some accusing him of evading the questions around terror and others saying he had emerged unscathed.

Theresa May was praised in some media outlets for doing "surprisingly well" by the pro-Tory Telegraph, but Twitter seems to hold the opposite view. 

#TheresaMayGIFS has been trending on the social network, with users posting short videos of how they interpreted her performance. 

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